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How to Make Lasagna for a Raw Food Diet

Learn how to make lasagna as part of a raw food diet from chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


So one of the things we make at my restaurant SunCafé in Studio City is this lasagna. This is a little more complex for dinner but it's so good.

Now what's going on here, lasagna is a layered dish. For the noodles, the big noodles that you use for lasagna, we actually are going to cut zucchini really thin and you can see a little bit of the zucchini here. We also use spinach to also add to the noodle part. And then of course you've got to have ricotta cheese for lasagna.

The way to make ricotta cheese is you're going to take soaked sunflower seeds drain them, put them in a blender, add lemon juice. Lemon juice tricks your taste buds into tasting something that seems to be aged. So it's going to taste like aged cheese by adding the lemon juice. It also has salt of course, all cheeses tend to have some amount of salt. That's the basics of making ricotta cheese.

So you'd have a layer that layer the greens with the zucchini, layer of the ricotta again another layer of zucchini. You want to make sure the zucchini is very thinly cut maybe about an eighth of an inch so that it has a soft noodle like texture. And once it sits there a while it's also going to start to soften.

And then we're topping it with two things. One is the red part is the marinara sauce. You just add fresh tomatoes, sundried tomatoes to give it more depth of flavor. You're going to add salt, pesto, or basil, and a little oregano and you just puree that up. And it's really good very fresh tasting marinara. And then the very top here we've got cashew cheese. Which is just cashews, garlic and some other seasonings. And then we just top it off with a little fresh basil. And you've got a great layered nice sized lasagna. And won't believe how satisfying that lasagna is. Every bit as satisfying as traditional lasagna, a lot of satisfying flavors in there.

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