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How to Make Chocolate Mousse for a Raw Food Diet

Learn how to make chocolate mousse as part of a raw food diet from chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


Well, a great dessert and quite easy to do is a chocolate mousse or pudding. A lot of people, once you're on a raw food diet, the easy way is to go with nuts. But, after a while you get to the point where you're eating too many nuts and it's starting to affect your digestion, or it's an easy habit to get into, to put nuts in everything because it tastes good. Here's a way to make a dessert nut-free and still really creamy and full of rich flavor; that's by using an avocado as the base. The mousse is made with avocado, raw cacao power and dates and a few other flavors like vanilla. And very simple, you just put it in the blender, blend until it's nice and smooth and you've got this amazingly creamy dessert. It's as simple as that. You'll be amazed how satisfying it is as a rich, decadent dessert. It really does taste full of flavor. So try a chocolate mousse and it's very simple and you'll be out of the kitchen in five minutes and you'll love it.

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