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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 11 - Chapter 6: Stump

Check out part 11 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Dusty: It's a compartmented program, brand new joint effort between us and Langley. They're calling it Task Force Blackbird.

Preacher: I'm going to need some time.

Dusty: Get healthy but do it quick. The world's going to shit right before our eyes. Looks like Voodoo and the boys are going to be busy. Yeah, he's in.

Tick: So what's the SITREP, Voodoo?

Voodoo: Pirates snatched the captatin while we were busy on shore. They want money, same as always.

Tick: Let me guess, they're not getting any.

Voodoo: Not this time, we're weapons free if the cap's in eminent danger.

Tick: Three jacked-up skinnies with AK's on a pitching lifeboat isn't eminent danger?

Voodoo: Hey, what can I tell you? Someone thinks there is a legal solution to the problem.

Tick: The skinnies are getting jittery, Voodoo. They're getting rough with the captain, arguing with each other, it's not good.

Voodoo: Roger. Jittery means movement. Movement means opportunity. Those are the R.O.F. We can wait. Tick, launch a flare over the boat on my go. When these fuckers pop up it's whack-a-mole time. Now. Stump, we're on the wheelhouse, Dingo, cover the hatching on the bow.

Dingo: Check.

Voodoo: Stump, I got the guy on left. You take out the guy holding the captain. We execute on Stump. Eyes on. Execute. Well done boys, let's get a team out there. Damn Stump, hell of a shot. Infrared showing no movement.

Stump: Captain, you okay? We're clear. Three confirmed kills, Voodoo. PC is secure.

Dingo: He looks to be okay, little shaken, some scrapes but he'll be fine.

Voodoo: Get him on board. We'll have medical take a look at him. Good work.

Stump: Roger. Coming to you.

Voodoo: That's how you resolve a sticky situation.

Dusty: Good work last week Voodoo. Looks like we're on to something solid here. Stay ready, I may have a job that's right in Mako's wheelhouse.

Voodoo: Roger, Dusty. Going to be a little longer for the feed. There's some bad weather that side of the marble.

Dusty: Storm's coming.

Preacher: Red light or green light?

Dusty: Green brother, always green. It is PETN we're seeing and the kind used in Madrid is of similar composition to more recent attacks that haven't made the news yet.

Preacher: So the connection is real and Sa'ad al Din is involved?

Dusty: We'll see. That fucker turned into a ghost overnight, but we've learned a few things. Intels pointing to the P.E.T.N. moving through the tribal areas to couriers in Afghanistan and beyond at the request of someone known only as, "the Cleric."

Preacher: That sounds vague and ominous. So, we follow it back up the chain.

Dusty: Right. Remember, you're in Pakistan, there's a line you don't cross.

Preacher: How close to the line can we get?

Dusty: So close you got chalk on your cleats. Check your email. You're looking for Faraz Iqbal Khan. He's a JV gun runner who wants to make varsity. He has his hands on everything from knock-off AK's and Russian optical devices to cellphones and black market kebabs.

Preacher: Why him?

Dusty: Ajab's been watching Faraz and it seems he's been busier than usual. Now we're seeing more modern equipment and the P.E.T.N. Remember you're on your own here. And Ajab is not on the best of terms with the ISI, so let me be clear. Don't. Get. Caught. So, get settled and hook up with Ajab. Faraz is the target. Find him. I'll be in touch.

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