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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 12- Chapter 7: Preacher

Check out part 12 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Man 1: Thirteen days here already. If he's here, he's got to show himself, don't you think?

Man 2: Yeah.

Man 1: At least the tea's good here. Remember that place in Jacobabad?

Man 2: Wait. Here we go. Brown Shemagh. Middle of the street. Is that your guy?

Man 1: Yup.

Dusty: That's our guy. He was just spotted with the I.S.I. Let's roll him up fast and get him back to the safe house. What do you say?

Sounds good to me.

Dusty: He's headed right for you, Mother.

Mother: I see him. Ajab, I'm ready with the car.

Dusty: This is it. Do it fast.

Mother: Check. Shit, he's running. Through the gate.

Dusty: He's a no shoot. We need him to talk.

Mother: Remember, don't shoot him.

Dusty: He's going up top.

Mother: Stairs.

Faraz: Don't come after me.

Dusty: He's headed left.

Mother: Dusty, stay on overhead.

Dusty: Well, he can't outrun me. I'll be your eyes. He's headed north.

Mother: Stay with Faraz. Don't let him out of your sight.

Dusty: He's back on the ground. headed through a junk yard.

Mother: Go. He's right there.

Faraz: I will kill you all.

Dusty: Faraz is headed out of town. He's still on foot. I'm seeing dudes with weapons moving to your position.

Ajab: He's going into the abadi. Get your weapons ready.

Dusty: Guys, lots of weapons in that area. Ajab's right. It's going to get ugly.

Preacher: There he is. Targets left.

Mother: Got him. Six o'clock.

Preacher: Dusty, I don't like this. Where's he taking us?

Dusty: He's headed for his compound. he's got reinforcements there.

Mother: Aiming down. Thirty meters.

Dusty: Faraz is on the move.

Preacher: Cover me.

[foreign language]

Preacher: Clear.

Mother: Dusty, don't let us get trapped.

Dusty: Not going to happen, Mother. I have eyes on everything. Just get Faraz.

Mother: We'll get him, Dusty. Count on it. He's taking off. Go!

Dusty: He's headed left.

[foreign language]

Preacher: Clear. There he is. Move!

Ajab: Go right.

Mother: Target left. Dusty, what are we looking at here?

Dusty: Faraz is moving along the power lines. Stay with him.

Mother: We're taking fire. How many targets are out there?

Dusty: Numerous. Cover to cover and you'll make it.

Mother: Check. Push up. Stay in cover. He can't run forever. We have him.

Dusty: He's moving.

Ajab: Target down.

Mother: He's running.

Ajab: He's by the truck. Enemy down.

Mother: Clear. Move to the bridge.

Dusty: He's headed for the bridge.

Mother: Through the gate.

Preacher: Yes. He's headed to his fort.

Mother: Dusty, can you see his compound?

Dusty: Damn right. And Faraz has at least a solid company of fighters. Not giving up now.

Mother: Do we ever?

Dusty: Go get them, Mother.

Mother: These guys are coming right at us. Hang back and pick them off.

Ajab: These men are I.S.I.

Mother: Yeah, these guys are trained. Faraz sure isn't fighting. Dusty?

Dusty: You're clear outside the compound, Mother.

Mother: Roger. Rally on the gate.

[foreign language]

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