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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 13 Chapter 7: Preacher

Check out part 13 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Ajab: I'll get us in. Right side!

Mother: Left!

Dusty: Grenade! Get down.

Ajab: They're on the roof!

Dusty: Get down.

Mother: Two O'clock.

Dusty: Target down. [inaudible 00:00:47], cover me.

Ajab: There he is!

Mother: He's down!

Dusty: More charges!

Mother: He went left!

Dusty: Tango down.

Dusty: Shit, Mother, Faraz has a technical headed your way.

Mother: Great. I thought this guy was small time.

Dusty: What can I say? He's got friends, and they're pouring into the compound.

Mother: Check, Dusty. Preacher! It's gonna get worse.

Ajab: Got him. Cover me, quickly. Enemy down. Watch high. They're on the roof! Target down.

Mother: Ajab, go left!

Ajab: Get down!

Mother: 30 meters!

Ajab: Got him. Target down!

Mother: 12 O'clock! 30 meters! MMG low!

Ajab: Got him.

Dusty: Two O'clock!

Mother: Clear!

Dusty: Faraz is moving through the trenches, Mother.

Mother: Through that open gate! Dusty, which way?

Dusty: Left, Mother. Looks like you tired Faraz out. He's slowing down.

Ajab: I think I know where he's headed.

Dusty: Then go. Take the high road. Let's get Faraz, and get the hell out of here. ISI is going to crash this party fast. He's down. Target eliminated!

Mother: Dusty, you got him?

Dusty: Yeah, got him. He's got a second wind brother. There are a few more bad guys, but nothing you can't you can't handle.

Mother: Two O'clock! Enemy down.

Ajab: He's running to the slums, Mother.

Mother: Roger. Got him. He's dead. Tango down. Target eliminated.

Ajab: Incoming! Take cover!

Dusty: You're clear! Faraz is taking ogg! Get moving.

Mother: Nice, Ajab! Good time to find an RPG.

Ajab: Okay.

Mother: He's down. Stairs! [inaudible 00:07:35]! Target in route! Hey! I'm on your side. Look out! Cover me.

Dusty: Got him!

Mother: There he is! He's trapped. After him. Hop the wall! Cuff him. We got him, Dusty. Ajab, get the van! English, asshole! We know you speak it.

Faraz: Okay! Okay! What do you want?

Mother: Pee Eee Tee Enn. Where do you get it?

Faraz: What?

Mother: Preacher? Now do you hear me? Pee Eee Tee Enn? Where do you get it?

Faraz: It comes from Dubai! Some banker-

Mother: Name. Give it to us.

Faraz: Hassan. His name is Hassan.

Dusty: Guys, you're attracting a lot of attention. Get Faraz out of there.

Mother: Wow. That narrows it down. An Arab businessman in Dubai named Hassan. Get him on his feet. He's coming with us. Shit! He's gone. Come on! Fuck! Dusty, we're taking fire! They shot Faraz! Get us out of here.

Dusty: Okay, Mother, there's a building just west of your position. You gotta haul ass. There's a mess of people moving to your location. Fast!

Mother: Where the hell is Ajab?

Dusty: He's on the way, Mother, but it's not going to matter unless you get out of there. Follow that ditch. Don't stop and fight! Speed is security! Get moving!

Mother: Roger, Dusty. Just get Ajab here.

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