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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 15- Chapter 8: Stump

Check out part 15 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Dusty: Voodoo, Dusty...

Voodoo: Go Dusty!

Dusty: Mission is a go. Say again, mission is a go!

Voodoo: Copy that! Reached phase line Phoenix!

Dusty: Roger that, Voodoo. I'll be monitoring comms and aerial footage.

Voodoo: Roger! Green light! Mission is a go!

Male: Copy!

Male 1: Green light's a good! Hate to fly all the way back without shooting someone!

Dusty: Remember. We're looking for PETN. Get the intel and get back to the Bainbridge for debriefing. All targets are hostile.

Male 2: Out your left door.

Male 3: Roger. We're coming up on the village now.

Voodoo: Thirty seconds to LZ!

Male 4: Check!

Voodoo: Assault teams Alpha and Bravo, you're on the ground first. Charlie and Delta will provide covering fire. Every target is designated as an enemy combatant. Find the PETN.

Male 5: Affirmative!

Male 6: Roger!

Male 7: All right, guys, get your frogman on!

Male 8: Primary insertion point looks clear, boys.

Male 9: No movement!

Male 10: That's not gonna last! Intel showed trucks in the area as late as 2100 last night. I want eyes high and low. Stump!

Male 11: Contact! Twelve o'clock!

Male 12: Stump! Top deck! Light 'em up!

Male 13: They're on the rooftops!

Voodoo: RPGs! Dingo, get cover! We'll clear from the birds!

Dingo: Roger, Voodoo!

Male 14: We're gonna need air support sooner than we planned!

Voodoo: One Three, we're gonna need that CAS as soon as you can get it here.

One Three: Roger. Buzzsaw One Six is en route, Voodoo.

Voodoo: Solid. Bring us around!

One Three: Roger. Coming around for second pass. Two Five, are you clear?

Two Five: Roger. We're clear.

Voodoo: Drop 'em, Stump! Sector clear!

Dingo: Voodoo, Dingo. They're dug in on the top deck. Gonna take more than one pass.

Voodoo: Roger, Dingo. Again! Another pass!

Male 15: Roger that. Going low! Get on target!

Voodoo: Stump, take them out!

Dingo: Good job, Voodoo. We're moving into the courtyard.

Voodoo: Roger, Dingo.

Male 16: Truck! Truck! Hit the truck!

Voodoo: Target down!

Male 17: Courtyard! Targets in the courtyard! Tally, One Three. Engaging...

Voodoo: Stump, in the courtyard!

Dingo: Voodoo! They have vehicles! They're moving out!

Voodoo: The trucks! Hit the trucks! RPG! Oh shit! Thanks, bro.

Dingo: Shit! What happened, Voodoo?

Male 18: C-2, we have a fallen angel. North of phase line green. Repeat, fallen angel. Requesting CASEVAC.

Voodoo: Two-Three went down. Clear the area and leave a team for C-SAR!

Dingo: Roger, Voodoo! One-Six, get CASEVAC for Two-Three!

Male 19: Roger that.

Voodoo: Weapons free on those trucks! Make sure they're destroyed!

Dingo: They're bugging out, Voodoo!

Voodoo: Roger!

Dingo: Breaking right!

Voodoo: Get back on the trucks!

Dingo: They're bugging out, Voodoo!

Voodoo: Get us close!

Dingo: Roger! Waste 'em.

Male 20: One-Six, in from the west. Hot.

Male 21: Target down! Nice, One-Six.

Dingo: Voodoo, Dingo, we're headed for the primary objective.

Voodoo: Roger Dingo. Target down. Dingo, get on our six! We're approaching the primary objective.

Dingo: Roger that, Voodoo!

Voodoo: Check. They're gonna bring out the welcome wagon. Take us around! Approach from the south!

Dingo: Copy. Two-Five all approaches from the south! Roger on your six! Voodoo, CASEVAC is en route!

Voodoo: Status of the crew?

Dingo: They're busted up, but Delta Team has secured the perimeter for rescue, they're about five mikes out.

Voodoo: Check. Let's focus on the primary objective. Clear the camp and search for the PETN.

Dingo: Got it, Voodoo. Check that. PETN.

Voodoo: Stump, we're gonna need to be slick here. Switch weapons.

Dingo: Contact! Twelve!

Voodoo: Move! Get cover!

Dingo: Voodoo, Buzzsaw One Six is inbound for CAS if you need it.

Voodoo: Roger, One Three. Tell him to clear a path for us!

Male 22: One Six, your weapons free friendlies have functioning IR strobes.

Male 23: [inaudible 00:06:55] meters.

Male 24: Another target. Twelve o'clock!

Male 25: I'm out! Cover me!

Male 26: [inaudible 00:07:12]

Male 27: He's dead.

Male 28: Mag change! Cover me!

Male 29: Kill.

Male 30: He's dead.

Male 31: Right low!

Male 32: One target. Twelve o'clock!

Male 33: Enemy down!

Male 34: Two o'clock!

Male 35: Take her down!

Male 36: Twelve o'clock!

Male 37: Enemy down!

Male 38: Two o'clock!

Voodoo: He's got body armor. Don't stop shooting.

Male 39: All right, let's go!

Male 40: Mag change, cover me!

Male 41: [inaudible 00:08:58] Two o'clock!

Male 42: Enemy down!

Male 43: Push up!

Male 44: Truck! Twelve! Got a vehicle!

Mako: Buzzsaw One Six, We need you.

One Six: Roger Mako.

Male 45: One Six in from the south. Hot.

Voodoo: Get cover, Stump!

Male 46: Push up!

Male 47: Post up on top of those stairs. Go.

Male 48: Moving.

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