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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 17 - Chapter 8: Stump

Check out part 17 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Male: Clear left.

Male 2: No movement.

Male 3: Will you take a look at this.

Voodoo: Be ready for anything. They know we're here, gents.

Male 4: Contact!

Male 5: Get to cover!

Male 6: Shit! Move!

Male 7: He's hit.

Male 8: Got him.

Male 9: Grenade!

Male 10: He's down!

Male 11: He's dead!

Male 12: Grenade! Look out!

Male 13: Target, ten o'clock!

Male 14: He's down!

Male 15: Two more!

Male 16: Move up.

Voodoo: Dingo, Tick. You two jokers go left. Stump, on me.

Stump: Oh, yeah. I think we're in the right place now.

Voodoo: Damn it, Stump. I said on me.

Male 17: Move! Clear left!

Male 18: Clear right!

Male 19: Balcony!

Male 20: Got him!

Male 21: Grenade! Get cover!

Male 22: Shit!

Voodoo: That's fucked up. Quick thinking, Stump!

Male 23: Second deck! Right!

Male 24: Enemy down!

Voodoo: Status!

Male 25: Three up.

Male 26: Two up.

Stump: Stump, moving.

Voodoo: Dingo, we're going low. Tick, you and Stump go up top.

Dingo: Roger.

Voodoo: Stay tight. We've lost the element of surprise.

Male 27: You think?

Male 28: Movement ahead.

Male 29: Contact!

Voodoo: We got company!

Male 30: Twelve o'clock!

Male 31: Bullseye, he's down!

Male 32: Clear!

Voodoo: On me.

Male 33: Voodoo, I don't see any PETN. What gives?

Voodoo: It's here. Let's deal with the hostiles first.

Male 33: Voodoo, I think we can get up here.

Voodoo: Good. You and Dingo. Stump, you're on me. And let's watch the crossfire.

Stump: Check.

Male 34: Hit the target.

Male 35: Kill.

Male 36: Clear!

Male 37: What the fuck...

Voodoo: It's a pretty serious training facility.

Male 37: Yeah, no shit. Terrorist University. Yemen Campus.

Voodoo: Dingo, what's the status on Buzzsaw Two Three?

Dingo: CASEVAC says two are serious, but looks like they're gonna make it.

Voodoo: Good. Let's make sure these assholes aren't so lucky.

Dingo: Fuckin' a.

Voodoo: We got a door, gents. Dingo, how about you take a look?

Dingo: Check.

Voodoo: All right, let's go. Buzzsaw One Three this is Mako One.

Buzzsaw One Three: Go Mako One.

Voodoo: We're moving through the cave complex. Stand by for extraction.

Buzzsaw One Three: Roger. We have ID on your position.

Voodoo: Copy. All right, maintain noise discipline ahead. I think we can surprise these guys.

Dingo: I don't know. We've been pretty fucking noisy.

Voodoo: Got a new cave. Stay soft, until I say go loud.

Dingo: Roger.

Voodoo: I don't like this. Slow it down. Get low. Tangoes ahead. Down...down. Let's zip these fuckers up.

Male 38: Zip zap.

Male 39: [foreign language 00:05:31]

Voodoo: Go loud!

Male 40: Cover me! Mag change! One more down.

Male 41: [foreign language 00:06:08]

Male 42: Got him.

Male 43: Right in front of me. He's dead.

Voodoo: Clear. Move up.

Stump: We got a generator. It's running.

Voodoo: Stump, cut the power. Drop your NODs. IR flashlights.

Male 44: Check.

Male 45: Move up.

Voodoo: Stump, take 'em out!

Stump: I got a mag change!

Voodoo: Clear! Inside!

Male 46: Contact! Move! Got him.

Male 47: Tango down.

Voodoo: A fucking plane? These guys are starting to worry me.

Male 48: Contact!

Voodoo: Move! Find the PETN. Push up!

Male 49: What now?

Voodoo: Outside.

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