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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 18 - Chapter 8: Stump

Check out part 18 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Male 1: What now?

Male 2: Outside.

Male 3: Contact! Twelve! NODs off!

Male 4: Roger.

Male 5: Check.

Male 6: Right!

Male 7: Target eliminated.

Male 8: Mag change, cover me!

Male 9: He's down!

Male 10: Kill!

Male 11: A fucking train station!

Male 12: These guys are thinking big! I don't like it!

Male 13: Grenade!

Male 14: To the left, 20 meters!

Male 15: Target eliminated.

Male 16: Enemy down.

Male 17: Hang on, mag change!

Male 18: One target!

Male 19: We got a heavy gunner!

Male 20: Stay down!

Male 21: Enemy target!

Male 22: Got him!

Male 23: He's done.

Male 24: Clear!

Male 25: Voodoo, lots of targets. No PETN.

Voodoo: It's here. On me. There. We have a door. Ready... Move!

Male 26: Clear left!

Male 27: Rear is clear!

Voodoo: What do you got?

Male 28: Well, would you take a look at this?

Voodoo: Holy shit. That is a lot of boom boom.

Male 28: Yeah, looks like there's a lot that's missing, too.

Voodoo: No doubt. But there's enough here to blow half this mountain off. Dusty, Voodoo. Look, we just found the PETN. There's a lot of it. There's even more that's missing.

Dusty: The puzzle's starting to take shape. Tell the boys "good work". I need you to get a sample of that PETN, nuke that rat hole, and get in the air.

Voodoo: Roger. Dusty says get a sample and we blow the whole cache...

Male 29: What the fuck?

Male 30: yeah, we bailed as soon as you said it was enough to blow the mountain off. Ride's waiting.

Voodoo: Chicken shits. Popping smoke. Target is marked with smoke.

Male 31: Roger. Moving out, we have air strike inbound. TOT 15 seconds.

Voodoo: Dusty, Voodoo.

Dusty: Go Voodoo.

Voodoo: Cache is blown. I gotta tell you, bro, we saw some wicked shit back there in that compound.

Dusty: Short version, you can brief OGA when you've landed.

Voodoo: Well, the PETN is bad, but we got eyes on a serious training facility...small arms, shoot house, target mock ups. We haven't seen a full service camp like this since Darunta. This "Cleric" dreams big.

Dusty: Good copy. Picture is getting clearer every day.

Voodoo: All right, what's next?

Dusty: Get back to the Bainbridge. Stay nimble. Stay ready.

Voodoo: Roger. Mako out.

Male 32: Yeah. Go ahead.

Dusty: Ready to get to work? Hang on, we're getting some weird weather related interference on the overhead.

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