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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 19 - Chapter 9: Preacher

Check out part 19 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Preacher: Okay. We're back online.

Dusty: Today's the day, gents. Hassan, as usual, will enter at 1630. We know he travels with an entourage of six. Two stay with his vehicle. Four travel into the hotel. One in the lobby. Another on the floor, near the elevator. Guy outside the door and one in the room. this is where you hit him. You got four minutes to get in the car and out of there. Questions?

Preacher: Will Hassan fit in the trunk?

Dusty: Barely. Mother.

Mother: Standby.

Dusty: Preacher, move. Mother, get them in the car and get on the road. I have your route.

Mother: Roger, Dusty: I'm in the garage. That wasn't so bad. Like picking up my laundry. Dustry, we're on the move.

Dusty: Did Hassan say anything?

Mother: Oh, shit was about it. I have his cell and laptop too.

Dusty: That's the plan.

Preacher: What's going on in the hotel?

Dusty: Security's moving.

Preacher: Check.

Dusty: Preacher, get to the primary extraction point as fast as you can. Remember, keep a low profile, the authorities can't know we are here. No guns and no shooting.

Mother: Dusty, you on overhead?

Dusty: Roger. I'm going to need to get into that laptop remotely.

Mother: Check. I'll link it through my cell.

Dusty: We can pour through the data later, but let's get as much as we can now.

Mother: Roger.

Dusty: Contacts, calendars, travel, anything you can get into.

Mother: Check. Shit, Dusty, who the hell is this?

Dusty: Fast car coming up behind you. That's Hassan's security, get moving.

Mother: Dusty, talk to us. We can't outrun this guy. Dusty, where are you?

Dusty: I'm here, finding a new route. Six blocks ahead.

Mother: I need a street name, brother. Quick.

Dusty: Al Rigga Road, get some distance from those guys.

Mother: Here he comes. Dusty, you're in. Uplink live.

Dusty: Roger. This is satlink, so stay away from tunnels and tall buildings.

Preacher: You're kidding, right?

Dusty: Just do what you can. Mother, you have two cars approaching head on. They're blocking the road.

Mother: Roger that.

Dusty: Preacher, you've someone coming up on you real fast. Make the next right. Here comes another one.

Mother: Nice, brother. Nailed him.

Dusty: Mother, that car's hotter than a donkey's ass in a pepper patch.

Mother: Okay. What are you saying?

Dusty: Head for the car swap. Give me something, brother. What's the deal?

Mother: All right. Go right, right! We're in a pickly, Dusty. Dusty, we're going on Shelk Zayed. We can outrun them there.

Dusty: Keep moving, go, go.

Mother: Come on get out of here. He's moving in. On the right. Dusty, how's the traffic?

Dusty: You'll hit traffic two clicks north. Get some daylight before that, and I'll have a route for you.

Preacher: Check.

Mother: Behind you.

Dusty: You turn the laptop off? Come on, brother.

Preacher: Fuck. Dusty tell the Mayor of Dubai they need more cell towers.

Dusty: Take the offramp to Old Dubai. It's just ahead.

Mother: He's gone. Okay. I see it, 200 meters to the right. Don't let them box you in. Preacher, get off there.

Dusty: Drive smart here, Mother. You've got company.

Mother: A banker has this much security? Doesn't fit, Dusty.

Dusty: Don't worry about that.

Mother: Nice driving, looks like they're gone.

Preacher: How's the uplink?

Dusty: Good. Transfer is slow but still receiving. Bad guys headed your way. Get out of the open.

Mother: Roger. Preacher, pull over. There they are. Hang on, hang on. What are they doing? Don't move.

Dusty: All right guys, Hassan's men are sealing off the area. I'm routing the video feed to you. I've marked off locations for you to hide. Drive slow and stay out of sight.

Mother: Okay, Dusty. We're leaving.

Dusty: They're blocking off the roads, you're clear to the right. Use the construction for cover.

Mother: Preacher steady, steady. Hold here.

Dusty: I've got a car up ahead.

Mother: Got it.

Dusty: Use the trees for cover.

Mother: Hold on. Preacher steady, steady. Hold here.

Dusty: You're good, go.

Mother: Roger that.

Dusty: Heads up, bad guys coming your way.

Preacher: Roger.

Mother: We're good, we're good. They don't see us.

Dusty: Hassan's men ahead, take it slow.

Mother: Go right!

Dusty: Use the foundation for cover.

Mother: Preacher steady, steady. Hold here. We're good, just stay put. Nice driving, Preacher. Don't think any of them saw us.

Dusty: All right. You're clear of the neighborhood.

Mother: Just keep going straight. We lost the connection. Get back on Shelk Zayed. Dusty, we're going back to the freeway.

Dusty: Watch out, roadblock ahead.

Preacher: Roger that.

Dusty: You've got another car. Okay, you're going to come up on some construction real fast. He's down. I'll call Triple A. Give me something, brother. What's the deal?

Mother: We got ourselves a little problem here. Here he comes. Head's up.

Dusty: Dammit. The exit's blocked. Preacher, head for the tunnel.

Preacher: Roger that.

Mother: Head's up. He's trying it again.

Dusty: I'm going to lose the uplink, make sure you come out the other side.

Preacher: Yeah. Roger, Dusty.

Mother: Head's up. Here he comes again. He's gone. He's moving in. Go right, use the construction. Behind you. Get past those trucks. Nice driving, looks like they're gone. Dusty, you there?

Dusty: Roger, I got you. Uplink is reestablished. You got to swap cars, brother. You're near the parkade. It's on your GPS.

Mother: Roger. Preacher, head for the parkade. Five hundred meters on your left.

Dusty: Once you swap cars, keep a low profile and you should be clear.

Mother: Slow down. All right, there's the entrance on the left.

Dusty: Secondary vehicle is on the first floor. Do this fast and get out quickly and get to the extraction point.

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