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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 20 - Chapter 9: Preacher

Check out part 20 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Preacher: Roger.

Mother: We got the secondary vehicle Dusty.

Dusty: Make it fast.

Mother: Let's ditch this beater, get Hassan and we're gone. Who the hell is this? Shit, where'd they come from? Go, go! Get us out of here.

Dusty: Mother, you've got more cars entering the parkade.

Mother: Dusty, find us a way out of here.

Dusty: Can't see you, I'm blind here.

Mother: Stay straight. We're blocked in Dusty.

Dusty: There's a way out on the other side, head to the top.

Man 1: Preacher, go up! Top deck.

Preacher: All right, we're going to go straight for a bit.

Mother: Turn right. We're headed back down now.

Dusty: Roger. I have eyes on you. Keep going.

Mother: Look out!

Dusty: Preacher, you've got a new tail. I see you, turn left on this road.

Mother: Great driving P. Dusty, get us out of the city. Primary is blown, we're headed for the secondary extraction point.

Dusty: Head's up guys. I have eyes on Sad Al Din, Hassan's chief of security. Look out, here he comes!

Mother: I see him. Get around him, Preacher. Let's clear, move over. Let's move, gas it! Get around him.

Dusty: Preacher, you've someone coming up on you real fast.

Preacher: Roger that!

Dusty: Mother, what's your status?

Mother: Two assholes we're trying to get rid of.

Dusty: Hey brother, that sandstorm could be a help.

Mother: How'd I know you were going to say that. You heard him, Preacher, head into the storm.

Mother: Don't let him... He's beside you.

Dusty: You're gonna have to lose him.

Preacher: He's tying it again!

Dusty: Mother, what's your status?

Mother: Dusty, we have two cars we can't shake.

Dusty: He's down. I'll call Triple A. What the hell is going on down there guys?

Mother: We can't see shit.

Preacher: Dusty?

Mother: I think we're clear, Preacher. Dusty, do you a visual on the chase vehicle?

Dusty: Negative. I'm blind as a bat.

Mother: Sad Al din must be too. Watch the pile up, go left! Maybe that's what we needed. Make a left. I think he's gone. Nice driving, Preacher.

Dusty: Roger, looks like you're clear. Just get to the extraction as quick as you can. Uplink is complete mother. Your car looks pretty rough, are you guys okay?

Mother: Yeah, we're all good. I bet Hassan had a fun ride back there.

Dusty: Mother, I'm getting some chatter on the radio.
[foreign language]

Dusty: Fuck! It's been hours and no word from Mother or Preacher. So tell me some good news brother.

Man 1: Well, Hassan's laptop was full of it. It's like we figured. Hassan handles all the logistics. It's a little complicated, but it boils down to this: the Cleric's network uses two ships out of the port of Dubai.

Dusty: So the P.E.T.N. found in Somalia and Yemen? Where's its source? It's not originating in Dubai.

Man 1: No, we track the ship back to the Suez Canal, then the trail went dead.

Dusty: Fuck.

Man 1: No, you didn't let me finish. The laptop was a treasure trove. We were able to find payments to accounts tied to Stovan Bosic in Sarajevo.

Dusty: No shit.

Man 1: Yeah, he's an arms dealer. The jihadis call him "Mohandes" the "Engineer," a common honorific for fighters with education or technical expertise. It stuck, so I guess it feeds his ego.

Dusty: Feeds his wallet.

Man 1: How's that?

Dusty: Fucker's no zealot. He's in it for the cash.

Man 1: What do you base that on? I don't have any data supporting that.

Dusty: I worked with him. He smuggled arms to the Bosnians during the war and then helped us run down Serb War Criminals in mid '90s. He's a survivor but greedy. Very greedy.

Man 1: No shit, can you grab him?

Dusty: I know who can, he's gonna love this.

Mako: Jesus, Dusty, I was wondering when you're gonna call.

Dusty: It's your lucky day. Recent Intel points to our old friend Stovan Bosic as our P.E.T.N. supplier.

Mako: It's fucking Bosic. Didn't I always say he was no good?

Dusty: You sure did, brother. Get up there, bring him in and I'll buy you a beer.

Mako: He's got a small army up there as I recall.

Dusty: Well, make it a case then.

Mako: Solid copy. Mako out.

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