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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 21 - Chapter 10: Stump

Check out part 21 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Voodoo: What's the deconflict call?

Male 2: Blue ridge.

Voodoo: Sweet.

Male 3: Blue!

Male 4: Ridge!

Voodoo: All good. Coming to you. Greko, still standing around with your thumb up your ass, I see.

Greko: Well, you haven't changed. Always thinking of my ass!

Voodoo: How have you been, my brother?

Greko: Everyone, this is Voodoo. Do anything this man tells you. Unless, of course, he tells you to meet him in a whorehouse in Damascus.

Voodoo: That was your idea, if I recall.

Greko: Probably. How have you been?

Voodoo: I've been well.

Greko: Yes, yes...I've heard. So you're the big man now, I understand.

Voodoo: Well nothing seems to last, does it, Greko?

Greko: No, no...including Bosic. He is no longer on our side. Let's get ready, men. If we move quickly, we can surprise him.

Voodoo: What the fuck? Get down!

Greko: Let's move! Watch it! IEDs are hidden in rubble. My men have marked them in paint. Avoid them.

Voodoo: You hear that? Stay away from the paint, gents. It's disabled. Let's move.

Male 5: Greko, we are taking fire in the United Nations Plaza.

Greko: Get Kaska, Zuku, Szczuply, and Diabel to set up an assault.

Male 5: Right away.

Greko: They're putting up a fight already. Let's move. I'm moving to my men. We provide covering fire. You pick them off.

Voodoo: Not a problem. Dingo, Tick, go with Greko.

Male 6: Roger.

Voodoo: Okay, good. You're weapons free.

Male 7: We got targets down here! Tangoes in the plaza!

Greko: Targets low! In the courtyard!

Male 8: Got him.

Male 9: Enemy down. Enemy down. Enemy down. Enemy down. Got him. Got him. Enemy down.

Male 10: Stump, looks like we got targets on the top floors. Take out their snipers, or we won't get near that building.

Male 11: Got him.

Greko: Left side. We cannot move!

Male 12: He's moving.

Male 13: Top floor! Enemy down. Got him.

Male 12: Clear! Good job, Stump. Let's head back down the stairs and rally up.

Male 13: Contact! Look left!

Greko: Get to cover!

Voodoo: Shit, I knew that was too easy. Clear the plaza, then we assault through the front door!

Male 14: Check! Target right!

Voodoo: He's done. Left! Take him down.

Male 15: He's down! Take him down.

Male 16: Basic! This won't end up well for you! Come out now!

Voodoo: Look left! Top deck! Low right! Right! Target eliminated. On target! 12 o'clock. He's done. Target, at two! Dead center! He's done. Stay down.

Male 17: Cover me! Target eliminated.

Male 18: Low on side...right. Cover me!

Male 19: He's down!

Male 20: Cover me! [inaudible 00:08:14]

Male 21: Target at two!

Male 22: Enemy down!

Male 23: Got him!

Male 24: [inaudible 00:08:34], cover me. Got him!

Male 25: Enemy down.

Male 26: Right!

Male 27: Got him! Enemy down. Right!

Male 28: Got him. [inaudible 00:09:07] Right!

Male 29: Kill.

Male 30: Left. Thirty meters! Enemy down.

Male 31: Enemy target! He's dead.

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