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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 22 - Chapter 10: Stump

Check out part 22 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Voodoo: One second. Grenade, move! Clear!

Dingo: Bosic is very paranoid. He's rigged the whole are with explosives.

Voodoo: Dingo, Tick, go with Kaska and Diabel. Greko, Maniek and Stump on me.

Maniek: Roger.

Dingo: Got it.

Voodoo: Good. Stump, let's rally on the door!

Enemy 1: [foreign language]

Voodoo: First floor's secured.

Greko: Watch your step. Stovan has this whole place rigged. Follow me.

Voodoo: Second deck, go!

Enemy 2: [foreign language]

Voodoo: Shit! They're dropping through the ceiling! Target left!

Greko: Hey, watch it! Target eliminated.

Enemy 3: [foreign language]

Greko: Grenade!

Voodoo: More contacts!

Enemy 4: [foreign language]

Voodoo: He's dead.

Greko: P.E.T.N.?

Maniek: No P.E.T.N.

Voodoo: Then move!

Greko: Enemy down.

Voodoo: Move right!

Greko: We take the stairs, Voodoo! Up!

Voodoo: Watch it! There fucking holes everywhere. Move quickly and safely!

Maniek: Got him.

Enemy 5: [foreign language]

Voodoo: Contact! Enemy down. Cover me. Don't tug him. Scope one. He's done. Target, 10 o'clock!

Greko: Enemy down!

Voodoo: P.E.T.N.?

Greko: There is nothing here, Voodoo.

Voodoo: Which way?

Greko: Go right.

Voodoo: On you, Greko.

Greko: This way.

Voodoo: Ammo.

Dingo: Voodoo, Dingo.

Voodoo: Go, Dingo.

Dingo: Streets are quiet down here. GROM doesn't like it. I think we're walking into something.

Voodoo: You're good, Dingo. We're attracting all the attention up here.

Dingo: Good, No sign of P.E.T.N.

Voodoo: Keep looking. Raise you when we see it.

Dingo: Not if we raise you first.

Voodoo: Solid.

Greko: Those are out men. In the streets below.

Voodoo: Dingo, we got our eyes on you. Head for the hockey rink and we'll link up.

Dingo: Roger. Sooner we're off the street, the better I'll feel. Contact!

Kaska: Move to cover!

Dingo: High left!

Kaska: We have snipers in the buildings! Voodoo, snipers in the buildings!

Dingo: We ain't got a shot from here!

Voodoo: Dingo, get cover! We'll take them out.

Greko: There, Vodoo! The door!

Voodoo: Hustle up! They're sitting ducks down there!

Dingo: More contacts!

Greko: Clear!

Voodoo: Let's get eyes on the street. On me.

Dingo: Stump, we're taking fire from high!

Voodoo: Balcony, seven o'clock, Stump.

Dingo: Look high!

Voodoo: There! He's right below us!

Dingo: Voodoo, end of the street. Six or more of Bosic's men.

Greko: Typical, getting someone else to fight for him.

Voodoo: Stump, take them out by the k-rail. He's down. One more target. He's hiding.

Greko: Ten o'clock!

Maniek: Twelve o'clock!

Voodoo: Change of mags! Bullseye, he's down. You're clear up top.

Dingo: Voodoo, we're breaking off ambush avenue and going to look for high ground. Rally up near the ice rink.

Voodoo: Roger. Be ready for anything. I don't see these guys just rolling over.

Dingo: Check.

Greko: We better be ready for anything, my friend. I hear movement ahead. Contact!

Voodoo: Contact!

Greko: Where's your leader, assholes! You fight for a coward!

Voodoo: Heavy gunner! Stump, low!

Enemy 6: [foreign language]

Voodoo: Target, right!

Maniek: Enemy down!

Voodoo: Push further up! Kill!

Enemy 7: [foreign language]

Voodoo: One target. Mag change, cover me.

Maniek: Grenade, move!

Greko: Cover me!

Voodoo: Left! He's done. Everyone dead? Good. Move.

Greko: I think I know where he would hide!

Voodoo: Where's that?

Greko: The ice rink.

Voodoo: Well, that's where we are headed. On me.

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