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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 23 - Chapter 10: Stump

Check out part 23 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Male: Clear left.

Voodoo: Dingo! We're coming through.

Dingo: Check, Voodoo. We're holding outside the rink. Watch your step, Bosic has IEDs all over the place. GROM marked them with paint.

Voodoo: Roger, Dingo. Outside, keep moving.

Male: You're clear!

Voodoo: Stump, watch your step. Hang on, Stump. Those are our guys. Greko, what's the deal?

Greko: Deal is the Engineer's close. But he won't just give up. He'll fight to the end.

Voodoo: Okay. Let's just make sure it's his end.

Greko: It's not going to be ours, my friend. Let's go!

Voodoo: Dusty, Voodoo.

Dusty: Go ahead, Voodoo.

Voodoo: Look, brother. We're deep into this now and it's bigger than we thought.

Dusty: You get Bosic?

Voodoo: No, not yet. But I'm worried we're chasing the wrong end. I mean, where the fuck is this stuff headed?

Dusty: It's covered.

Voodoo: Tell me you got people working th other end of this, 'cause this is no small time operation.

Dusty: Just get Bosic, Voodoo. I've got the other end covered.

Voodoo: Check that. Raise you when we got him.

Dusty: Roger. Listen, bro. There's something I gotta do right now.

Voodoo: Good copy. Mako out.

Woman: Hello? What? No...

Girl: What's wrong, mommy?

Woman: Oh, honey...

Voodoo: Let's drop the puck on these assholes. On me. Left. Heads on a swivel, gents. We need Bosic alive, though. Anyone else...

Male: Bug food.

Voodoo: You got it.

Male: Let's do it.

Voodoo: Here we go, guys. PETN.

Male 2: Shit. So this is where it starts.

Male 3: Move up.

Male 4: Grenade!

Male 5: Down! Get down! They're moving up on us!

Male 6: Kill.

Male 7: They're on the left!

Voodoo: Use the sides! Less smoke on the sides!

Male 7: Check!

Male 8: One more down!

Male 9: Grenade, get down!

Male 10: We're having some fun now!

Male 11: Target! Left!

Male 12: Down.

Male 13: Down!

Voodoo: Stay low!

Male 14: Enemy's down.

Male 15: Target, twelve o'clock!

Male 16: Tango down.

Male 17: Two o'clock!

Male 18: Right, ten meters!

Male 19: Shit, move!

Male 20: Kill.

Male 21: Clear!

Male 22: Yeah, clear.

Male 23: Voodoo, which way?

Voodoo: Left. On me. I'll make it fast.

Male 24: I got movement!

Bosic: [foreign language 00:06:13]

Voodoo: Give it up, Bosic!

Bosic: [foreign language 00:06:18]

Voodoo: Stump! Cover my six!

Stump: He's on the move!

Voodoo: Hurry!

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