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2 Types of Glaze

Learn about the types of glaze used in decorative painting from decorative artist Aliya Riaz in this Howcast painting tutorial.


Today we're actually going to be talking about the different kinds of glazes that are available and these are glazes you can pick up at an art supply store or paint store. They're really divided into two kinds of glaze. You have water or acrylic based glazes, and on the other side you have oil based or alkyd based glazes.

Now, for the longest time we were using oil glazes which are not very environment friendly. But they do impart a beautiful sheen and they are wonderful to work with. However, not being very good for you from a health point of view, it's much better to use the acrylic or water-borne glazes which are now becoming very, very durable and have been perfected so that they almost are as good as oil glazes are.

One of the things about the water based glazes is that there are different sheens you can buy. This is your generic glaze, but if you look on the cans of glaze that you're buying you'll find that some are satin sheen, some are matte flat, and some are very glossy. So, be sure you know what kind of sheen you want when you go out to buy your glaze.

Now coming to incorporating things in the glaze, aside from all the color options that you have, but you can actually put glitter into them. You can use metallic paints and put those into a glaze, and that's a beautiful look. Also, you can use glass beads and incorporate them into a glaze, and then, as I've done here, use them through a stencil. That's a very small transfer in glass bead, and this is a much larger bead used over a metallic base coat.

So, these are the many ways that one can use glazes.

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