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How to Mix Glaze for Painting

Learn how to mix glaze from decorative artist Aliya Riaz in this Howcast painting tutorial.


In this segment of decorative painting techniques, we're going to be learning how to make a very basic glaze. And what I usually recommend, if you're doing any glazing on a wall or possibly a ceiling, is to take five parts of glaze; so I have a teaspoon, two, five. So, I have five teaspoons of glaze, and I have one teaspoon of my color.

And you see how the glaze takes on the color. So here we've mixed the glaze using fluid acrylics, but you can use other mediums to color glazes. You can use things called universal tints, and these are tints that a paint store will put into a can of paint, to get you the right color that you want. So this is a little more advanced, and it's probably not something that you're going to pick up in a day, or so. But it is something worth exploring, if you want to really work with glazes extensively.

Other ways are even the little stuff that you get at craft stores, the little bottles of paint, plus house paints. Again, the ratio would probably be around one part of paint and five parts of glaze.

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