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How to Paint Vertical Plaid Stripes on a Wall

Learn how to paint plaid walls from decorative artist Aliya Riaz in this Howcast painting tutorial, part one of two.


In our series 'Decorative Painting Techniques' we're going to explore a technique called plaid which of course is a fabric. In this particular technique I originally did it back in 2006 in a show house in a nursery where it was very well received. And it really is sectioning off stripes first horizontally and then vertically or vertically and then horizontally. It doesn't matter which way you do it first.

So to give you an idea of how this is done on this board and for this particular technique we use a glaze as opposed to paint. Because if you do use a paint unfortunately the plaid technique doesn't show through. Where the two lines intersect you get a slightly deeper impression of glaze which you wouldn't get if you were using just paint.

So here we have five inches, five inches, five inches, five inches between the tape, and five inches on the outer sides of lines of tape. And when you are actually doing this on a ceiling or a wall, make sure that you mark off the stripes where you are not going to be painting. So every alternate stripe, if you put a little mark like that with tape, you'll know not to paint that.

So I have a royal navy blue glaze here and I'm just going to roll it on as evenly as I can, and if it is a little inconsistent it actually looks really very beautiful. And there's no harm in even having stripes just done like this without the horizontal stripe going across. You can just do beautiful glazed stripes. So that is your first pass of stripes which are the vertical ones.

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