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How to Paint Horizontal Plaid Stripes

Learn how to paint plaid walls from decorative artist Aliya Riaz in this Howcast painting tutorial, part two of two.


And now that our glaze stripes, which are the vertical ones, have dried, we're going to go over them, first marking off the horizontal stripes. These are five inches and these stripes running this way will also be five inches. And I am using a low-tack tape here only because if I use a very heavy duty blue tape it might pull the glaze off which has already dried.

So now we're all taped up and we have the same thing as we did in part one. Try and block off these so you know that you're not supposed to glaze on this stripe, but glaze just on this one and this one. Back to our glaze and trusty roller. And, again, try and be as consistent as you can be. Handwork is always inconsistent in it's nature.

So once you're pretty sure that you've got most of the glaze into the edges you may reveal the tape. And there you have your plaid technique. These particular colors I'd definitely use in possibly your study or maybe an older boy's room, and that's how you do the technique called plaid.

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