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How to Finish Crackle Painting a Wall with Glaze

Learn how to crackle paint a wall from decorative artist Aliya Riaz in this Howcast painting tutorial, part two of two.


So now we have the third step of the crackle texture technique. First, if you remember, we put the size. Then we waited for that to dry or at least become tacky. And then we applied the texture which is a rough texture which is probably more suited to be used in exterior situations as opposed to interior walls. And what has happened here now is that the texture has cracked because the size, as I mentioned, doesn't fully dry and the texture does. So the texture dries and contracts and then you have all these fissures opening up which is exactly what we want and that is what is called the crackle part of the technique.

Now, I have a pretty blue glaze which I'd like to catch up into the actual fissures and wipe off the residue from the top of this textured crackle. So you have to try and put as much of the glaze into the cracks, so you may have to use quite a lot of pressure. And depending on what the glaze color you choose, if you used a brown-y glaze then you would get the look of an old stone surface.

So now that the glaze is fully into the cracks it's probably a good idea just to wait for about five minutes. So now that we've allowed our glaze to get absorbed into the texture, it is time to remove the excess glaze and you'll find that all of the glaze will get into the cracks. So here we have all the cracks highlighted. You're going to see some bigger cracks, some smaller ones, very alligator-like in its own way, and, as I said, this is a technique that you'd probably use more in exterior situations and I hope that you get to use it.

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