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How to Texture Paint a Wall

Learn how to texture paint walls from decorative artist Aliya Riaz in this Howcast painting tutorial.


In this video of decorative painting techniques, we're going to be
exploring how to paint over a textured surface. You may have a wall or a
ceiling that already has texture applied on it so, what are the things that
we can do with texture such as this, for example. Now, the first thing that you
must do is seal the texture. You don't want any glaze or paint to actually
go into the texture and then, have your finish fail.

So the key is always to use an eggshell or more of a sheen paint as your base
and cover the texture with that. Here I have texture which I have covered
with a golden yellow paint and now, because I feel it is a little bit too
yellow, I'd like to tone it down a little bit. I have made two glazes up.
One is a burnt amber and one is a burnt sienna. So let's start off with the
burnt amber. Randomly going to use both glazes and the key here is keep the
brushes separate.

And just in a random fashion, use an equal distribution of both the glazes.
So this is the burnt sienna and this is the burnt amber. Both colors that hail
from Italy and if you have had the pleasure of going to Sienna, you'll know
that the clay there is actually that color. So, that's our glaze work. Then, grab
a wet rag and start manipulating the glazes into the texture.
Make sure to manipulate your rag in a circular way or left to right, up and
down, just so you are actually pushing the glaze into the texture.

That to me is your classic glaze texture which gives a lot of life to the
surface without it actually being a particular color.

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