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How to Paint a Wall to Look like Stone

Learn how to paint a wall to look like stone from decorative artist Aliya Riaz in this Howcast painting tutorial.


The demand for stone, be it real or faux, is always, always there. And one of the reason this came into a lot of popularity was because of Venice, because Venice, as you know, is a city that has been built on water and you cannot really use very, very heavy blocks of stone or marble to build walls there because the city is already sinking and you don't want to add to the weight. So even two or three hundreds years ago, Venetian plaster and stone were actually the alternatives that were used.

So here I have an example of stone which is just on a piece of poster board and that just has the quality of a home stone. Other uses of stone are when you have let's say a chimney breast and this is exactly what was a dilemma for a couple of my clients who had this wonderful stone which was real on the facade of their fireplace, but on the return walls, which were possibly maybe 18 inches deep, they had no stone. And the stone mason had gone and it was very, very difficult for them to actually match up the stone to make it match the front of the fireplace.

So we had a couple of solutions for them. First, they were going along at the thought that they may want a Trompe l'oeil stone which is really a flat surface, but it appears to be raised. So this was very much like the stone in their fireplace and then the shadow work and the highlights are put in just so that this looks raised, but actually it's completely smooth and flat. So they saw this and not terribly convinced, so we went back and made another sample which was a textured stone which was much more like their fireplace. So I did the grout lines and then applied texture and then used a lot of glazes to match the stones that they already existing on their fireplace. So this is the one that we eventually went for and you can see from the photograph how well that worked. So those are some of the uses for a faux finish for stone.

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