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How to Paint a Wall to Look like Brick & Tile

Learn how to paint walls to look like brick and tile from decorative artist Aliya Riaz in this Howcast painting tutorial.


Welcome to the full finish segment on tile and brick. The first thing I wanted to show you, was this sample, which is of brick which is trying to simulate plaster that has been falling off brickwork, and you're exposing basically the brick. But also keeping in mind that you have the plaster, which is really the original covering of the wall.

So this, I think, initially we've started off with doing the grout line in kind of that browny-gray, and then taping it off into the brick segments, and then using glazes, to color it to look like brick. And then after that, applying a regular plaster and then glazing that. So, that's how this look was achieved.

This is kind of like a stone tile, which again, is something that we started off with a creamy background, used a very, very thin tape to mask off the grout lines, and then applied a textured paint, and then glazes. So, this was how this sample was achieved.

And a kitchen tile look, which is in green and yellow, which does look like it's been fired in a kiln and that it's a very beautifully glazed tile, which also has a crackle over varnish on. That is something that was done in a kitchen.

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