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How to Paint a Wall to Look like Bamboo

Learn how to paint walls to look like bamboo from decorative artist Aliya Riaz in this Howcast painting tutorial.


In our series Decorative Painting Techniques, we're going to explore doing a bamboo technique for which we need some glaze in a caramel color. We need a three or four-inch brush, this is a four-inch brush, and a roller sleeve. So all this would be revealed as to how this gets us to a bamboo.

Also start with your wall or your base color in a very sandy tone because you want it to look like bamboo and colors that you would actually find bamboo in. So the first pass of glaze and then we get the striation of bamboo. Moving down the wall you would do a vertical pass from ceiling to floor. And here you would break the technique up into roughly about five-inch squares.

Before we do our next bamboo stalk, we could put some more glaze on the sample. Reaching for our brush again, make the same vertical pass all the way down your sample. If it's uneven that's what you want because bamboo does not grow evenly. And when you actually make these dividers, they also need to be not even at all. It looks much more realistic that way.

Once you've done that, go back into your... You can do this even after your first layer has dried and go in with a slightly deeper glaze to divide each shoot of bamboo.

So in this day and age, bamboo is enjoying a revival. So it's nice to be able to duplicate this. I'd recommend that you would do that possibly in an accent wall in your home. Don't do your whole room in it. I think it might be a little over-powering.

Other things that you could do as far as mimicking bamboo is, this is a metallic bamboo stencil that I pushed through some texture and then used a glaze on top of a copper base. So that's one of the technique that we've learned today for bamboo.

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