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How to Paint a Wall to Look Metallic

Learn how to paint walls to look metallic from decorative artist Aliya Riaz in this Howcast painting tutorial.


The last three of four years have seen a real upturn in the demand for metallic finishes, whether they're metallic plasters or quartz stone, which is, again, a variation of metallic plaster.

Some of the thing I'd like to talk the things are, this is very distressed, because you use two layers. The first layer you applied the product very much in a haphazard way, so it's more or less distressed; and then the secondary layer, you used a completely smooth stroke and filled in all the gaps. You get movement, and yet it's completely smooth. Then the other ways of doing more regular textures, and then applying metallic plaster as a secondary coat again.

This one here is a striated metallic plaster in kind of like an aqua green, and it's got glass beads caught up in the middle. Here we have a very, very simple, almost like a shot metallic, plaster in the background, and then just a gold stencil providing some interest.

These are some of the ways you can actually use metallic plaster.

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