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How to Do Decorative Painting with Aliya Riaz

Learn about Aliya Riaz, one of Howcast's decorative painting experts, in this video.


Hi. My name is Aliya Riaz. I am a decorative artist. And I am completely passionate about decorative finishes, some of which have been around for centuries be they marbling, or wood graining, or applying things that are not really full finishes. But things like Venetian plaster is also something that I really enjoy.

As a result of traveling extensively all over the world it's always been a passion of mine to look at the design elements in different cultures, and marry them together, and really bring an international flavor to my work. I'm one of the few people who actually went to college to learn how to do interior decorative techniques because, unfortunately, there isn't such a school in the United States where you can take a two year course. You can certainly take a week long course or two week long and do specific elements of decorative painting. But, we had to go through the mill in England, and I had the great honor of being taught by some absolutely wonderful masters of the profession who passed on many secrets of yesteryear which I can bring into my work.

I've been a decorative artist for twelve years in New Jersey. And I've had the great honor of working with absolutely world class designers and architects, and working with mostly residential but also including some commercial work like restaurants and headquarter offices.

If you'd like to find out more about what I do please visit my website And now, it's my great pleasure to show you how to do a number of techniques whether they're full finishes or decorative paint techniques.

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