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3 Freestyling Tips for Break Dancing

Learn three break dance freestyling tips from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


What's up, what's up. Kid Glyde here again right here to show you guys some free style tips. Alright it’s very important for a beat boy to make sure they always freestyle. It's good to have sets. Nothing wrong with that. But what happens when you mess up the set? Can't go back to the set, you got to freestyle.

So I'm going to help you out with free styling. And give you my advice and what I go through with my experience, so check it out. When I freestyle, the most important thing for any dance is the music. Music is first, I'm second. Once you go first over the music, trust me people are going to see it and it isn't going work. So check it out.

The I free style check it, is um, one listen to the music, hear a certain beat, alright, then how I feel according to that beat, do I want to be smooth, you know, is it a smooth beat, got to be smooth with it, boom. Every move, whatever happens, happens, go into it smooth. Check it out.

All right, now if it's a, like a James Brown beat, you want to be funky. Be funky, alright. So it's all about the music, you let it go and then you put your moves together with that. But you have to make sure your moves flow with it. You can't just go for one movement, stop and then go to the next move, isn't going happen. Alright, you got to make sure it all flows. If it comes back up, what comes up must come back down. Whatever happens, happens. Aright, so free styling is all about you being yourself, hey whatever culture you're a part of, add it. I'm a Latino, I have my little side of soul on it. Get down. Freestyle is all about having fun, being yourself and having a good time.

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