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How to Do a One-Handed Windmill in Break Dancing

Learn how to do a one-handed windmill from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


Here we are, Creative Windmills. I love it.

Don't hate rockers, we started it.

Powers is our forte.

Power moves is our forte.

Alright. So now I'm going to show you how to be creative with it. It's all about hand placement. Alright. Once you get the regular windmill, with your hands, then you can start playing around. You can do one-handed, you can do no-handed. Right now what we are going to do is do something creative. We are going to have one hand like this and the other hand like this. So, I'm going to go from one hand to the shoulder. Alright. Well actually this part. So, basically all I am doing to making sure my head is down, make sure your head is down, and, going from here, shoulder, shoulder, here and back to my hand. Alright.

Hope you guys catch this.


So, once I go into the windmill, I am going to do one windmill first. Alright. So, one windmill and then here.

So, I put my hand here first, just to place it.

So place, shoulder shoulder, around and back to my head.

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