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How to Do a Windmill to a Halo in Break Dancing

Learn how to do a windmill to a halo from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


Yeah, boy. Here we are, doing some more power move combos. We are going to do the windmill to the halo. Halo is also called Head Track. Invented by Kid Freeze of who? The Dynamic Rockers, my crew. We're going to go from the Windmill to the Head Track, or what you would call the Halo.

Remember, Windmills are head, shoulder, shoulder. Now, once you get off that second shoulder, your going to catch here, on your hands, in that basic position before the Windmill, but a little bit elevated. Once you're here, you going to rotate around your head. So, here you are going to catch and you basically going to go around and try to move around and catch again here. Okay? Your legs should be in the air.

Its the same thing as the Windmill but you go elevated. A lot more elevated. So your hips are even higher. Pick up you hips, get on your head, you go around and you try to catch again. Don't try, catch again. Catch, go back into a Windmill. Come down low, go back into a Windmill. That's the Head Trap, Halo. So, we go around, Windmill, hand, shoulder, shoulder, head. Again, shoulder, shoulder and you go for the head trap, catch it here and push and catch again. You go all the way around, catch again.

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