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How to Do a Windmill to a Shoulder Spin in Break Dancing

Learn how to do a windmill to a shoulder spin from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


What's up? Here we go again. Shoulder spin, but this time from a windmill, all right? Same concept. Just like the back spin, but we're going to use our shoulders this time.

As we said earlier, we're going to use our second shoulder, all right? So we're going to go, head, shoulder, shoulder, and right there we're going right into the shoulder spin, right?

To explain this as easily as I can, we're going to do one windmill and then as soon as I go around, instead of going from the second shoulder right back to the head, I'm going to stick with it and get as high as I can, and keep my head on the floor and just ride it. All right? It sounds complicated, but once you get the motion of it, you've got to practice it. Make sure you're really high. You don't want to be down here, your hips are low. No. Your hips have got to be high, just like you're doing a windmill. Your windmill's got to be high, in a higher angle, just like we were talking about earlier. You've got to be in the higher angle. That surface area, the faster you go.

Let's do this.

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