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How to Do a Munchmill in Break Dancing

Learn how to do a munchmill from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


Munchmills, aka babymills, this is how we're going to do it. I'll tell you
and I'll instruct you guys on how to do this move. All right? It's not that easy. It's
very scary because once you get the momentum going, you go so fast, you
don't know what's going on. Check it out. Watch the legs. This is very important.
Once you gointo a windmill, your legs are going to cross like that. I use my left hand
as the pilot position. So my left leg is whipping away. My whipping leg is
going to go over it like this. All right? That's the hard part because you go so fast
you might just end up here. Trust me, I remember those days of trying to do
it at the beginning.

This is the key. You've got your legs open like this, and once you get this
and you go over, all you're going to do is this, not this. No, don't do
that. You're going to go crazy. Your upper body is going to do this. Hence,
the name, crunchmills. You're all crunched in. You need to keep that motion
going, all right? Boom, boom, boom. All right? Once you get that around, you've got to
keep doing it over and over and over again. Once you get it around and you
understand the movement, you understand that what you're doing.

It's very fast, so don't get scared. Try it little by little. Just go for
one. Land. Once you get one, try two. Then little by little keep going. It's a
very difficult move, and you can get scared. It's better if you use your head.
You have to stay high on your shoulders. The higher you are, the faster
you'll get around. It's simple physics. The higher the angle you are, the
less surface area you go around. The lower you are, the more you have to go
around. So that will hinder your speed, and then with this move speed is key
because the less speed you have, the closer you are to the floor. The more
likely, you are likely to fall and hurt your lower back. You don't want to
do that. So stay high, get ready. Let's do it.

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