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How to Do a Back Spin to a Munchmill in Break Dancing

Learn how to do a back spin to munchmill from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


Backspins to munchmills; AKA, babymills. We're going to do it, check it out. We're going to start with the backspin, same concept. Go onto your back, legs open, bring them in, gain the speed, and then don't wait until you lose momentum because the next move you need a lot of momentum and speed. So we're here. See, I'm spinning like this. Pretend I'm on my back, like this. All right. Now when I'm ready to go for the munchmill, I'm going to push off my shoulder and go right onto the right side of my head. And at the same time my legs are going to do that, my whipping leg. I'm here, you can see it in slo-mo, real quick, whoosh, like that. All right. Some of you might do it up to here, which is fine. You're still going to get a whip. But if you go here, the whip is going to be crazy and hard to control, so do little steps here, there. All right.

So once you do that, boom. You shift. As soon as you do that, trust me, you're going to feel the whole crazy momentum. Your hips go up higher, remember, because you're low on your back, so as soon as you change your height, your hips go up, boom, boom, same concept. Little kick, little kick, little kick, little kick, and you turn at the same time. All right. Be sure to use your head on the floor, slide around the head, little by little, and that's it. Backspin to a munchmill. Practice it. Make sure you master each one.

Again, master the backspin, master the munchmill. It's very important. All right. This move is a little scary because it's blind, you can't really see where you're going, but once you get the motion going from the backspin, you'll see where you're going. But that first initial whip, you won't see it, but you have to trust your body. Stay like a ball. The more you open up, the more likely you're going to hit the floor and you're going to hurt yourself. So, protect yourself.

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