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How to Do a Back Spin to a Head Spin in Break Dancing

Learn how to do a back spin to head spin from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


What's up, y'all? Kid Glyde here once again; so now I'm going to do a back spin, to a head spin, all right?

Kind of difficult, but it's just a simple trick as far as going from your shoulder onto your head. Basically, you're in a clenched position, in your back spin. When you're ready, you're basically going to just expand out. But when you expand, you want to go a little bit on your head. Right before you extend, you're on your head. Then you slide it right here, and then you're going to push off with your shoulder like that. You're going to push off like that, and then you extend, and you grab your hands onto your head spin, all right?

Basically, the headstand position, but at the same time, your legs that are crunched in are just going to kick up, like a kip up. Kick up and open your legs up, all right? So, real slow, I'm on my back. When I'm ready, go on my head. Slide. It's real quick, you don't want to leave your forearm on the floor.

As soon as you pop up, boom, you land. Make sure you're in your tripod position, and you keep going. And you're on your way.

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