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4 Head Spin Tips for Break Dancers

Learn four head spin tips from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


Now, we have head spin tips from Kid Glyde. It's not my forte, but I, trust me, I've been around the game, I'm working on it, and I know the tips that can make your head spins a lot better.

Alright, so, basically, you know, if you're a beginner, you want to just get your head spins, don't worry about your legs. Alright? Just make sure your legs are straight and ready to go. Alright, as long as you have the handstand pretty good, and you start tapping, this is the key.

Alright. So, your going to start, alright, we're going to, either four corners, four sides, whatever you want to call it, we're going to say four corners. Alright? So, what were are going to do is, we're here, right? Whichever direction you want to face, you're going to face the first side, alright? The first corner. So, I go this way.

So, I am going to face this way, hands, legs. Then to the back. Then to the side. Then to the front. You'll want to keep doing that over and over. Don't use your legs at first. Alright? Make sure, you know, you just tap. One. Two. Three. Four. And, then, when you get good at, go all the way to the back. All the way to the front. All the way to the back. All the way to the front.

That's, you know, half turns. Alright? And, then, you do the full turns. Boo-yah, boo-yah, boo-yah. Alright, then, from there, you just keep working on it. Alright, then, when you have the balance, then you start using your legs. Alright? So, check it out.

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