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How to Do Reverse Helicopter (Coffee Grinder) in Break Dance

Learn how to do a reverse helicopter (aka coffee grinder) bboy move from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


So now we're here to do the coffee grinder, which I call the helicopter. Remember, all these moves, there's different names. We didn't have the Internet back then, so people would see moves and just put names on it. It wasn't like everybody knew the name or the correct terminology. So don't get mad, there's different names.

Alright, so anyways, the helicopter. We're going to go right into the seat. This is our seat. Remember, we're going to start here and end here a lot of the times when we're in footwork, alright? So, I'm going to do with my right leg, alright? Remember the first helicopter, or coffee grinder, that we did was like this. In the previous video.

Now we're going to go backwards, alright? Alright, remember I stressed this part: lean forward, then leaning back; lean forward, leaning back. Alright? This is crucial. But, we're going to sneak our leg in between there, alright? Lean forward, put my hands, my right leg's going to go around, and that's when I lean back, and I jump back, alright? So lean forward, hop, your leg comes through. Lean forward, you're going to hop forward, and lean back. Alright? And when you get good at it, you can use one hand. Oh, snap. Alright? Two hands, alright? But make sure you get the two hands first.

But, it's important that you guys do it both ways. So, we'll do it on our left side. Remember, the more you do things on each side, the more vocabulary you have. Alright, so now same thing. Alright, I'm going to lean forward, put my hand, my left leg's going to come around behind us, I'm going to hop forward, lean back. Alright? Lean forward, lean back. Alright? Keep your leg straight. Other leg.

Helicopter, aka coffee grinder, let's go.

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