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How to Do a Handstand in Break Dancing

Learn how to do a handstand from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


All right. Kid Glyde back again. Now, we are going to take our handstands to the next level. We're going to do one-handed handstands. Alright, we're going to do stages. First, we're going to do one-handed handstands, and then, we're going to work our way into inverts. Alright. Inverts, you got to do. I can't see you come out just doing one-handed handstands. It's not cool. Alright, anyways, I hope you guys have been practicing your handstands, because that is crucial for this move. Alright.

What we are going to do first, I want you guys, if you have a wall, is to practice doing one-handed handstands. First, do your two-handed handstands. Alright. And, once you feel comfortable, you’re going to lean your hips over to whatever side. If you're going to use your right hand, you’re going to lean your hips over to the right side, and you're going to make an "L." Alright, your legs are going to shift the weight over. Okay.

Alright, you’re going to shift the weight over like this. So, you can hold it. Alright. Making the "L." Make the "L." You've got to make the "L." And, once you make the "L," you let go with your hand. Hold it in there. You to work on the other side. Once you work on that, then we can move onto the next move, which is the invert. Alright. So, let's do the invert.

Invert. What we are going to do, right, I'm using my right hand. Alright. Remember, if you do it the other way, flip it up. Alright, I'll do it the other way. So, anyway, I am going to put my right hand down. Alright. And, once my legs go into the air. Alright? I am going to shift my body like this. Alright? I'm going to shift my body. I'm going to look at the ceiling. Actually, I'm going to look at you guys. Alright? I'm going to look at y'all. Alright. So, my legs are going to be in the air. And, you want to make sure that your hips are over your head. Alright. If your hips are low, your body is low, and you want to be over. Alright. It's a handstand. Alright? Check it out.

So, right hand down on the floor first. Alright? So, right hand, then, you’re going to shift your body. So, let's do that first. Step one. Okay. Now, step two. Hands. Chest. Alright. You see that? Push your chest forward. Alright. You want to push it up even more towards the ceiling. Alright, and your legs, straighten them out.

Actually, let's keep your legs crunched in, it's easier that way. Right hand down. Chest forward. Alright. One hands. Chest. Legs. Okay.

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