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How to Do 2000s in Break Dancing

Learn how to do 2000s from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


Yo, we're rolling, man. We're rolling. Check it out. 2000s, we're about to do this. It's 1990s to the next level. All right?

Basically, this is the 2000 position. The hand I spin on is my left hand, all right? Left hand is on the bottom, right hand is on top. So we're going to do it through little gradual steps. We're going to do it the dynamic rocker style, the dynamic rocker style.

All right, so first hand down, just like the 1990s. We're putting the right hand down, right? As soon as that right hand goes down, the left leg goes up in the air. All right? The left leg goes up. As soon as we're in the air, we're putting that left hand down right next to it. All right? The further you put it away, the harder for you to spin.

Then you've got to bring your whole body to that area. You don't want to do that, all right? Stay centered. Center is the key, the key, man. All right? Check it out. Place it at the left, left hand spin, all right? Now we're going to whip. Once our legs are open and we put our hands together, our legs come in and we just pray to God we do not fall. All right? Ready. Right hand.

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