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How to Do a Baby Freeze in Break Dancing

Learn how to do a baby freeze in break dancing from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


I'm about to show you advanced baby freeze.

I'm going to use my right hand as my pilot hand. Check it out. Right here, look at that, now, to here. Remember, baby freeze is like that.

Now, for more advanced, I'm going to go onto my right forearm. So, really slowly, check it out. I'm going to pick up my left hip. The weight from my left knee's going to go on my left elbow.

So, up here, there. Okay. Then I go back down. This is more advanced. Shoulder, alright. This is a baby freeze, but advanced.

You could also make these freezes more advanced by your leg placement. Do this, that's a reverse. Put your feet like that, switch it around, whatever your legs do, that's advanced. It's all about you being yourself and being creative.

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