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How to Do an Elbow Freeze in Break Dancing

Learn how to do an elbow freeze from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


Welcome, once again, Howcast. Love you guys. We're here for the elbow tutorial, elbow freeze, and basically, this is one of the basic freezes that can help you with your power moves. Okay. Why do I say that? Because it helps with your core. Remember the four points I said. So your shoulders, your hips, you've got to get that area strong. And this move right here? This move right here, you need it.

So check it out. Here's how we're going to do it. We're going to start with our left elbow. It's important you guys do it with both elbows. But let's start with our left elbow. Check it out, check it out. This is a straight line, okay? Just like any art form, like I was saying earlier, we need our lines. We are going to use our hands to grab the floor. This is your roots. Grab that floor. So, you're straight. Now, where your elbow is, pretend there's an imaginary line from your hand, and your other hand is going to go right there. okay? See that? Creating lines. This is important. Not this, not that, not over here, right there. This is important.

Left arm, on the floor, right hand down. Okay, just like I told you, the lines. Now. This is the most important part. Your hips need to be up. Since my left is on the floor, my right foot is going to be on the floor like that. Now, with my left leg, my left leg is going to kick in the air. And once I kick in the air, you're not going to kick so much. You want to use, remember, your core, to lift yourself up. Don't use your legs. Don't throw it. Use your core to go up. Boom, up. And right there, you get your balance, and you want to hold this for 30 seconds. Your goal is to have it for 30 seconds.

So imagine. You go to do it, you hold it for two or three seconds, you fall. All right. You go back up. You hold it for another five. You fall. Until you get 30 seconds. That's good. So you do that every day.

The second one, there's two, there's two forms, all right? Here we go. Right here, you've got to get this. This is the first one, second one, third one. Do that every day, and you're going to be powerful. Just like me!

Do your turn, boom. You're in the air. Okay? Work on that, and I promise you, your power is going to get better, your freezes, everything.

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