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How to Do a Baby Freeze to an Elbow Freeze in Break Dancing

Learn how to do a baby freeze to elbow freeze in break dancing from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


Freezes are essential to be a B-boy.

You got to put your freezes either as a comma or a period to your sentence. Alright? It's good to do a move, freeze and the go back to what you're doing. And then end it. Regardless of what you're doing, you need to freeze somewhere in there you know what I am saying?

Standing, witting whatever. So right now we're going to do baby freeze into the elbow freeze. Alright?

Just like the turtle to the elbow, we put hips over. And now you need to even exaggerate it more because now we're in the lower level. Alright? So exaggerate. And we're going to use our head to get onto our elbow. Alright so check it out. We're here in our baby freeze. Okay? And now, remember we're going to lift our hips over our head and as soon as we slide, the elbow are going to come forward. Alright? So you're here to here.

Remember was straight, hips over the head, and don't put so much weight on your legs. If you make your legs heavy and you put weight on them. You make them move, you're going to fall somewhere alright? Make sure all of the weight is right here. Control it. Control, control. So here we go. Baby. Alright, are hips are going to go over and our heads are going to slide in and our elbows going up. Like that.

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