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How to Do a Turtle Freeze to a Baby Freeze in Break Dancing

Learn how to do a turtle freeze to a baby freeze in break dancing from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


Yo, what's good? We're back for some more. This time we got a simple combination going on.

That's right, we're doing combos now. So, you know, we're taking all the simple moves we learned earlier and we're putting them together. That's all we're doing. So, the turtle freeze. Do you remember the turtle freeze? You know, the base for the float.

Two hands, your head up, your hips up, your body's parallel with the floor, and your arms are basically the only thing holding you, right? So, check it out. We're going to go from turtle to baby freeze. Say what?

Alright, here we go. Both hands here, alright? Remember before you go up, you're on your knees and your feet are on the floor, then you get on your toes and you get up, alright.

Then, from here, we're going to the baby freeze, alright? Our right hand's on top. Our right knee goes on top, our head goes down. Good. Then we go to the other side. Turtle freeze again, switch, over. Head on the floor. Awesome. And that is turtle to a baby freeze. To help you get this better, definitely got to work on your core.

Make sure you master each move, alright? Even baby from one side to the other, master that. Cause basically, the turtle's in between, but with the turtle, you're going up, your head's going up. But, if you go from baby to the other baby, you're just moving your head side to side. Alright? Turtle makes you go up a level and elevates. And it will help you a lot with your strength. Alright?

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