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How to Do a Baby Freeze to Shoulder Freeze in Break Dancing

Learn how to do a baby freeze to shoulder freeze in break dancing from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


What's up guys? Now I'm here to show you guys how to finish your story, all right? This is like in Top Rock, beginning of your story, we're gonna end it. End the sentence with a period, question mark, exclamation mark, whatever. How we end our stories with a freeze. All right? So, we're gonna go elaborate on these freezes, we're going to go into a baby freeze into a shoulder freeze. All right? It's very important you go down up and down levels, if you just stay stationary within one level, after a while it gets boring. You wanna grab everybody's attention and plus challenge yourself by going up and down levels. So right now we're going to go from a baby into our shoulder, all right? Watch the levels. Check it out. We're going into regular baby and from here what we're going to do, since we're like that and I'm on my right arm, right elbow, I'm going slide boom, like this. Like that all right? Remember, shoulder freeze is like this, so you're here, I want to slide like that. Check it out, I move my hands here, and what I do with this hand, my left hand, I'm going to slide onto my shoulder like this. The same time my hips are gonna go up. I'm gonna put the weight onto my right elbow. Onto my shoulder, like that. Here, up. Back down, switch to the other side, same thing on the other side. Boom.

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