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How to Do an Elbow Freeze to a Handstand in Break Dancing

Learn how to do an elbow freeze to handstand in break dancing from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


Handstand to elbow freeze. You ready? Now when everything starts up and comes down, people tend to bring everything down. Make sure that doesn't happen. The only thing that's going down in levels is your arms.

If your hips, you drop your hips a little bit, which, of course, if you're going down, you're going to drop your hips naturally, you're going to fall. It's important that when you drop your level from handstand to the elbow, your hips basically shift upward even more. So it's kind of like you're going down but then you shift up again. Or you just hold it. You just hold this core so that you don't move.

Remember, the legs don't really do that much. If anything, they switch position. So here we go. Handstand to elbow freeze. We're going to go drop onto our left elbow. It's very important that you have your handstand mastered. You have to master these things. You have to master each move individually before you can put them together. Don't get in a rush. Everybody wants to get everything really quick. Hey, slow and steady wins the race. So here we go. Handstand. Handstand. Balance. Then double down. There we go. Elbow freeze.

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