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How to Do a Turtle Freeze to a Headstand in Break Dancing

Learn how to do a turtle freeze to a headstand in break dancing from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


What's up, Howcast? Another freeze combo for you guys. This time turtle freeze to the headstand. You don't really see this that much. But, hey, I know how to do it. Turtle freeze, all right? We're parallel with the floor, our body. All right, what I'm going to do is we're going to tuck our head in, and at the same time our hips are going to go over our head.

Tuck in, and our hips go over to tripod. All right? Make sure you point that point of your head where you're supposed to be on, all right? Not in the front, not all the way in the back. Be in line with the spine, all right? You don't want to make your spine crooked. You want to be straight with your spine.

All right, here we go. So we're here, turtle, tuck your head in, into the hips, legs. Tip of the day for this combo, get this stomach strong. Okay? As you noticed, I picked up my hips enough for my head to slide right in. You don't have to slide your head in. Sometimes you can just place your head in. All right? I did that.

So, you pick up your hips, place your head and just shift your arms. All right? So you've just got to play with it. You've got to be comfortable with your body and understand your body. Everybody's body is different. All right, so just learn how to pick yourself up. It's important. If you want to go up levels, you've got to learn how to pick yourself up and bring yourself down.

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