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How to Do a Turtle Freeze to a Handstand in Break Dancing

Learn how to do a turtle freeze to a handstand in break dancing from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


Freezes, freezes and more freezes. We're back for some more, now we're going from an extremely low level to an extremely high level. Okay, we're going from a turtle, one of the lowest levels in breaking besides being on your back, a low level.

Now from there we're going all the way to the highest level, highest excluding when you're off the floor. So highest handstand. So this requires a lot of strength. So ladies, gentlemen, work on those pushups, core. I'm telling you core is important. Got to make it work, got to make that happen. So we're going from here, turtle, my head's elevated, right, my body's parallel with the floor, and from here our hips are going to go all the way over our head. Okay. Like that.

You want to be straight. Straight. But your hands are going to do this. Soon as they go up, pushing. Boom, like that. Okay. Got it? From here to here. So you're using your elbows, your whole arm. Soon as you push your hips over, your arms are going to go, hey home-style, like that. Boom. Like that. Boom. So hope you guys are ready to watch me do it. Make it happen. Here we go, here we go. Turtle. Hips are going to go over. Handstand. Turtle, handstand. All right. Kind of before I go, kind of you know I jerk so much, you want to like sink in, kind of like sink in, and then push up, if you want to use momentum. Or if you want to do it home-style, go straight up like that. All right?

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