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How to Do a Monkey Flip in Break Dancing

Learn how to do a monkey flip in break dancing from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


Straight back, straight back. Now, monkey foot, here we go.

Check it out. So, we're gonna put the left hand down, alright? You wanna be a little elevated, alright? Hips up, alright? It's not a crazy flip, but it's something, you know, you could use in your arsenal.

But don't do it too many times. You could probably do it once in a row. Don't do it too many times. It's not that cool. Alright. Anyways, putting our left hand down, alright? Or whatever side you want, if you wanna do it the other side, that's up to you, but just follow what I'm doing. Alright? So, left hand down, feet up, and basically we're gonna throw our hands back, alright? And then we're gonna throw our body like back with our hands and then reach behind us, alright? And then we're gonna kind of jump into a handstand, so check it out.

We're gonna go like that. So, it looks like this, straight back, straight back. Now, it might have a little fear factor into it, but trust me, this one hand on the floor, as long as you have that, you'll be safe, alright? As long as you keep going back. Follow, follow your hand, alright? Soon as your hand goes all the way back, make sure you follow, you gotta follow through. Here we go. Here. Monkey flip.

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