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How to Do Swipes in Break Dancing

Learn how to do swipes in break dancing from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


Here we go! Kid Glyde.

Swipes. All right, we're going to go to the next level, this time. For me, this is easier, but like I said earlier with other moves, it's mental. A lot of moves are mental. There's fear. Once you get fear in the way, it's going to block you from doing a lot of things.

This move is fear-based. I remember when I was like 14, when I got this move, I was always scared to do it. But once I overcame the fear, I was able to do it. It's a basic power move. Swipe's is a basic power move. You can use it any time, and it's crucial.

We're going to do one-legged swipes. Wazzup, one-legged swipes? Here we go. Remember, we're going to be in an elevated seat. This is the seat, elevated. You see my hips up, they're really high. It's important that your hips are this high. For height, and speed-wise too.

Check it out. We're going to put our right leg in the air, put it as so. OK. Just like I told you guys with the head spins, we're going to go by quarters. We're going to go to one side, then to the back, other side, then back to the front. Very important, okay? This will help you turn easier. Once you get better, you can do the half turns, and even whole turns, which is pretty hard, but if you can do it, it's sick.

Here we go. My right leg's going to be in the air. That means I'm going to turn to my right. Once I turn to my right, I'm going to land to the left. My whole body's going to turn, but I'm going to face the left.

Watch. Here, turn to the right, left. That was two feet. Now I'm going to do a one-legged. Here? Boom. Right leg in the air, make sure this kicks up as high as you can. Once it kicks up, your hands go to the right, as so.

We're doing the four quarters, and then we're going to do halves. Back to the front. Every time I landed, I landed a different way. So if your right leg is in the air, you're going to the right, that means you're landing on your left. You should always look to your left. If you're using your left leg, that means you're turning to your left, you land to the right. Those are swipes.

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