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How to Do a New York Flare in Break Dancing

Learn how to do a New York flare in break dancing from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


Here we are, about to learn how to do the New York Flare, all right.

The only thing that makes it different from any other flare is the beginning. All right, this is how the New York is do it out here New York, yo what up, all right, west coast you all do it differently. All right, so this is kind of hard, it's just advanced, but you know we're going to make it happen, so check it out.

Same thing, so let's say if you do a regular flare, you use your left hand, you're going to use your right hand, all right? That's right you're going right into the flare, you're not going to hold yourself, all right? If you use your right hand for a regular flare, you're going to put your left hand down, all right, so check it.

Once I go for my right hand I put it there, I put it like this, all right, not straight. Basically my hand is facing that way, all right, so my right hand is facing to the left. And why, because I'm going to spin on it a little bit. It's very important that you spin, you're going to spin on this, all right, and when you're ready to do the flare you grab the floor, all right, so that you stay stationary because you're not spinning no more.

You grab the floor, so you have grip, and then from there you start doing the flare, all right, we're going to go through this. All right, so first, I do my little top rock first, all right, soon as I put my right hand down, I'm going for it. All right, spin, flare, okay? And that's that, all right, so once you're spinning, as soon as you catch enough momentum, you're going to use that momentum, and it's kind of like a swing, all right, you're going to use your hip to go all the way around, all right? Here we go, New York Flare.

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