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How to Do a Reverse Hand glide in Break Dancing

Learn how to do a reverse hand glide in break dancing from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


Welcome to how to do a reverse hand glide. This move right here, my father created the move. Hence the name glide. Hence my name, Kid Glide. So, a little history about myself.

Check it out. It's a simple thing. If you want to, use a glove. Right now I'm going to use my Adidas jacket. Put my sleeve down. Basically, we're going to start from a table top position, alright, what we call pilot. And basically, from there, remember, with the hand glide we were tapping right by our head. Not tapping, but we were like pushing the floor. Instead, we're going to bring it down to our hips.

We're here. Instead of going up here, we're going to stay down here. We're going to tap this way. So, here we go. We're going to hold ourselves, tap, tap, tap, tap, alright, like that. Go faster, faster, faster, faster. Let go. That's reverese hand glide.

My number one tip is to make sure you have balance. Straighten out your legs. You can point your toes, if you want, or flex them. Either or, choose one, don't stay in between. Make sure you have a lot of balance with the table top.

Work slow. Go slow. Little by little, just like I did. I went slow, slow, slow, and I picked up the speed.

It's very important that you have balance or else your feet are going to go. You don't want that. You want to look clean. That's the number one thing for a B boy is to look fresh and clean.

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