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How to Do a Jackhammer in Break Dancing

Learn how to do a jackhammer in break dancing from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


All right. Let's go. Jack Hammer time. All right.

First we are gonna go through some phases. All right. Make sure we review a Hopping Hang-glide. All right. So let's do the Hopping Hang-glide first.

Basically, you're gonna be in this position. Which we call the Table Top, or Pilot position. All right. From there I'm gonna use my left hand. So I'm gonna be hopping with my left foot and tapping with my right hand. All right. Kinda like this. We are doing this kind of a motion. Hop. Hit. Hop. Hit. Hop. Hit. All right. First, Hopping Hang-glide. All right. Hit. Hop. Hit. Hop. Hit. Hop. All right. Now, a Jack Hammer is no hands. All right. So you want your elbow in a little bit closer. All right. So, we are gonna do once, twice, and then go right into the Jack Hammer. All right. Hit. Hop. Hit. Hop. Hit. Hop. All right.

It's important, that when you're doing the Jack Hammer, that you're using this hand, or you're going like this. You're pushing and turning, like this, pushing and turning. Are you watching my hand? I'm doing this motion. Boom. Boom. All right. While you push you want to turn, so that you get back to this position, so you can turn again. So, you are pushing and turning at the same time. Get it? Got it? You want to kind of use your legs, kick out.

There's different techniques. All right. One that I know is you use your legs. You crunch them in. You push them little by little. Not too much. If you kick them out too much, then you loose balance. All right. So, just little by little.

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