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How to Break Dance with Kid Glyde & The Dynamic Rockers

Learn about Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers, Howcast's break dancing expert, in this video.


What's up, fellow B-boys and B-girls? My name is Kid Glyde. And I'm here to instruct you guys on breaking moves. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced, teaching you combos and all that.

But I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I've been breaking for 17 years, still travelling the world, my goal is to teach kids around the world whether they have nothing or they have something. I want to go around the world and share my knowledge with the young talent out there and the ones that don't even know they have talent, you know?

I come from a crew called Dynamic Rockers, I'm the leader now, my father passed down the torch to me, and the crew's been around since 1979. 1979.

So with all that knowledge we decided to create Dynamic Rockers Academy, sharing the knowledge that we have, that we've been passed down, generation after generation and with the new guys that we have in our crew, their knowledge as well. You know, because it's not about just one crew, hey well all have something to share and our crew has a lot to share., check that out. We will have our own tutorial up of workouts and basic moves.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, like our page. We have our own page, Dynamic Rockers, I have my own page Kid Glyde, with a Y, don't forget it. Rep your style, check this out on our fan page, so stay up on,, check us out on YouTube, Google us, you'll find mad information that will help you to learn stuff about the past because you got to know where you come from, you want to get into this culture, hey, why not learn about the culture? Dynamic Rockers, Kid Glyde, I love you guys.

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