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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 29 - Chapter 13: Preacher

Check out part 29 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Reporter: This most recent has created yet another crisis in the rocky relationship between Washington and Islamabad. Pakistanti security officials claim that, "American spies, acting without sanction or provocation hijacked a merchant vessel heading for the port of Karachi." Pakistan has already closed down NATO supply lines into Afghanistan and have once again demanded an end to US drone operations. U.S. diplomats decline to appear on our program and claim to have no knowledge of the events but the American Embassy in Islamabad has issued a recommendation for all non-essential Americans to leave the country.

Well look at this, Dingo, you see the same thing I am?

Dingo: I'm seeing it. I'm not sure I believe it.

Dusty: This OPs too important too leave up to a bunch of frogmen.

Yeah, well the last time I checked there's no handicapped parking at the DZ.

Dingo: Hey, it's good to have you back on the team.

Dusty: Just like old times, right? We're going to make this right, brother. If it's the last thing I do. We're going to make this right.

Voodoo: Yeah.

Dusty: All right ladies, get your gear on. We get one shot at the before the ISI crashes the party. We hop and pop in fifty minutes. Thirty seconds!

Stump: Thanks for the hand. Shit.

Voodoo: Funny, I don't remember you too jumping together.

Stump: Just keeping things interesting.

Voodoo: We're behind schedule. Stump, you and Dusty are on overwatch. Preacher, you're back with us.

Stump: Have a good one. We got your six.

Voodoo: Stay off the road and any goat trails. No surprises. We're just outside the compound. Eyes open. We got company. Vehicles and foot mobiles approaching on the road. Stay down. Let's not tip them off just yet. Dozen or more. They look trained, weapons look well maintained. These are Cleric's men for sure. He's taking a piss. Preacher, take one. I got the other. Take him out. Clear. Move stay off the road.

Preacher: What about the bodies?

Voodoo: Leave them. We'll be on our way back home with the Cleric tucked in the overhead by the time they find them.

Preacher: Why were they leaving the compound?

Preacher: I don't know. Maybe the Cleric's spooked. He has resources. He disappears, could take a while to find him.

Voodoo, more trouble ahead.

Voodoo: What is it?

Dusty: Campfire. About a half a dozen armed guards. These guys are going anywhere.

Voodoo: Don't look like it. No getting around them. Preacher, we go on you. Take them out. Clear, nice work. All right, haven't lost your touch, Preacher. Go right.

Preacher: We're clear.

Dusty: Check. Stay low. Gates' open.

Voodoo: What do we got?

Preacher: Trucks coming out, Voodoo. Dusty, Voodoo. Go, Voodoo.

Voodoo: Yeah trucks headed your way. We left some bodies in the open. Make sure they don't find any.

Dusty: Roger that. Trucks stopping.

Voodoo: Wait for it to leave. Then we move into the compound. Take him out, Preacher. Before he goes back inside. Good work, move inside. Sweep your team around the wall. We'll link up in the back of the compound.

Preacher: Check, move.

Voodoo: Stay out of the light. Let's not wake these fuckers up just yet.

Preacher: Roger. Moving right. I have point.

Dusty: Clear left. No movement.

Voodoo: Preacher, cut the power. Drop your nods.

Preacher: Contact.

Voodoo: We're clear. Nice reflexes. Move inside. Stack on that door.

Dusty: First floor clear!

Voodoo: Upstairs! Move.

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